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Fiction Challenge is a community for fiction of any kind. Fan fiction, or original! The challenges will be posted every month and authors will have a set period of time to complete the challenge and post their story (in it's own post) here to this community. Once all the stories are posted, people will have one week to vote on the stories and when the next challenge is posted, so will the awards.


1) Any fandom is welcome as it is a story/essay/poem YOU have worked on YOURSELF!

2) Acceptable works include: Short Fiction, Chapter Fiction (one chapter of a longer story per post), Essays (not of an educational nature for distribution, aka cheating; moderators will determine what is acceptable), Poetry (at least 40 words per poem), and, of course, fanfiction!

3) All stories must be behind an LJ-cut.

4) IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING A WORK FOR THE MONTHLY CHALLENGE: The work must be posted in misc_fic_challenge for the first time, meaning the story/essay/poem must be new and not posted anywhere else online or otherwise (The only exception is a private writing journal in which the story is locked until the challenge results are released).
IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING A WORK FOR THE AUTHOR'S DISCUSSION POST OR FOR HELP: The work must be labeled "Not For Challenge" in the post's title and in the author's notes.

5) A rough draft of this form must be in your post before the cut:

Word Count:
Special Thanks:

6) Any rating is welcome from G to NC-17, but you must put the rating into the above form. Nothing "nasty," please, because the moderators will delete anything deemed unacceptable (in rare or extreme cases).

7) Posts are moderated to be kept secret until the deadline. After the deadline has passed, the posts will be approved and will then appear in the community.

8) Feedback is golden. All authors love to hear feedback on their work, but be nice. Constructive critisism is one thing, flames are another. IF YOU POSTED WORK FOR THE WEEKLY CHALLENGE, YOU MUST VOTE FOR A FIRST PLACE, SECOND PLACE, ECT... FOR YOUR WORK TO BE ELIGIBLE If this is a problem, contact a moderator and explain your reasons!

9) You don't need to be a writer to join! Readers are welcome too!

Any questions? Email your moderators at:


(If moderators recieve spam/inappropriate messages that can be traced back to misc_fic_challenge and it's participants, email addresses will be erased and contacting a moderator will only be available through posts in the community. It is encouraged that you use contacting the moderators as a last resort to a question/comment/concern and attempt to contact anyone through the community's posts...)

Happy Reading!