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Voting Post!

Now that everyone has had a few days to read the entries, vote for your favorites here! 

Voting will end at 11:59 CST on Friday, August 15th.

(Note: The date on my last mod post was incorrect. The new challenge will also end on August 15.)


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Fandom: Lonelygirl15
Title: Shaken
Author: jazzygirl918
Feedback: is always great.
Pairing: Spencer/Taylor, mentions of Sarah, Daniel and Jonas, Bree and Isaac Gilman
Word Count: 2,047
Rating: PG-13 ish?
Genre: Fanfiction
Summary: Spencer invites Taylor over to his apartment and struggles with his attraction to her. Takes place right after the video "The Bree Solution" (Link:
Notes: I LOVE Spencer/Taylor, and even if they never get together, their friendship is still so much fun to watch.
Special Thanks: to Max and Becki for making Spencer and Taylor so much fun to watch.
Spoilers: Not really.
Warnings: If you're uncomfortable with a twenty-two year old being attracted to sixteen year old, then you skip this one.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, sadly enough. 

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The Play's the Thing, Part 1

Fandom: Doctor Who
Title: The Play’s the Thing, Part 1
Author: Kate / byatt_lover
Feedback: Any feedback is welcomed. This is my first Doctor Who tempt.
Pairing: The Doctor and some new characters.
Word Count: 3,241
Rating: PG
Genre: Fiction/ Sci-Fi/ fanfic
Summary: In a dream the Doctor hears the voice of someone crying out for help. He’s falling down the rabbit hole. “Save me!” it shouts. When he awakes the Tardis is in action. He has no idea where he’s going. When he steps out, he’s in 4012 London. He’s in a theatre house; in the West End…the old Vic. Everyone keeps calling him, Len. And the headline of a newspaper tells that 5 more children have gone missing from the Orphanage. And, the play that the Doctor finds himself in has new actors every week. Something odd is definitely going on.
Notes: This takes place after the end of Season/Series 4. So the doctor has no companion. But perhaps he’ll find one. Also, the year 4012 is not all that much different from 2008. Well aside from people living on Mars, but that’s another story.
Special Thanks: Have none, other than to thank the BBC for airing Doctor Who episodes.
Spoilers: If you haven’t seen the end of the season 4 the only spoiler it contains is that the Doctor has no companion now.
Warnings: Don’t utter “MacBeth” in a theatre, ever!
Disclaimer: For entertainment only.

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Hello fellow writers!

I'm postponing this week's challenge until Sunday, August 10th for anyone who hasn't written anything but would like to. In the meantime, to keep our creative juices flowing, I'll post the next prompt so the community doesn't drag.

The challenge for next week is a song challenge. The prompt is "Magnolia" by The Hush Sound (link: 

This challenge will end at 11:59 CST on Friday, August 15th. 

Have fun!


 (I hope jazzygirl918 doesn't mind if I just go ahead and pick the challenge prompt, seeing as we are co-moderators).

Challenge Prompt:
*the prompts are very loose: all we ask is that the work use these words or somehow be inspired by them*

Please use this form when you submit your work:
Word Count:
Special Thanks:

Please go to the the profile for more rules and guidelines.  (Seeing as most of us are "old members," we'll remember, but for newcomers to the community and for a brush up on the rules, please check them out...).  There you will find the answers to any questions; if there is a question you want to ask, feel free to let the mods know and we'll get back to you.

The challenge shall end at 11:59 CST August 7th.  August 8th, a voting post will be created and locked so no one can see who is voting for who.  After votes are in (voting period will be determined depending on how many stories are entered), banners will be made and posted.  

Everyone who submits will get a banner.

Post all work for the challenge directly to the community itself, not to this post.  Stories will be in a catche until the deadline, when the moderators will release the works for review and voting.  Thanks!

Happy Writing!


A Challenge? It's been a long time!

Bonjour, ladies (and gentlemen?)

We have ourselves a plee for a challenge!  Thanks to everyone in this community for kicking this mod up and out of her slumber!  It'll be so nice to all get together again!

Instead of just posting what a challenge will be, I'm going to take a new approach: 
What do YOU want the challenge to be?

Reply to this post with your ideas for the new challenge by this time tomorrow (I'm going to be safe and not post any deadlines according to time so that everyone has a shot to say what they would like in a 24 hour period of time).  From there, the mods will pick the most interesting/unique idea (or we could vote on it... let us know what you would like... we're pretty informal here).  Then, once we have a challenge formed, the writing shall begin!

Happy Writing!

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well, hello ladies.

It's been a very long while since any activity. Which just means we all seem to have lives, just as important as our writing.

I was just checking in to see how everyone was and if there was any talk of continuing writing on this community.


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since this community seems to have fallen into a deep sleep, can i suggest that we use the forum to discuss works we're in the process of writing for either class or fun? This way we don't have to rush to get something new done, but rather just submit or discuss something we're already working on.

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 Hello! I know that everyone is very busy with school/work/life in general, so this month will not be a writing challenge. Instead, I was thinking we could do a tell-all post. Many of us in the community (myself included) have half-finished stories floating around in the back pages, forgotten about by time, or simply replaced with different plot bunnies. I, for one, am really curious as to how those stories end. Simply tell us the way you planned the story out, along with the ending. Actually writing it out would be a little too much at the moment, but some of us are dying to know how it all ends. If you also want to test out a plot bunny on us, then this is the place and monthly challenge to do so!

The challenge is due November 25. Also, don't forget to vote for the previous challenge! 

Happy Thanksgiving!